How we can support you

The CenCore team is driven by a concise vision: provide practical, useful and cost‐effective tools and solutions to customers operating in contingency environments worldwide.

CenCore works with clients to engage the end-user, analyze the problem-set and enable leading-edge solutions.

CenCore, LLC is a small business helping government and commercial clients overcome some of their most challenging problems worldwide. Headquartered in Washington, DC with regional offices in Florida, Missouri, Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Indonesia, and Argentina, CenCore combines uniquely tailored tools, processes and people to provide best in class support to each customer. By actively identifying problems and analyzing all available information, CenCore provides and enables unique solutions to some of the most challenging problems currently facing our government and commercial clients. CenCore excels at working in tough spaces, supporting difficult missions, and facilitating critical solutions.

CenCore, LLC is a part of CenCore Group, which includes:

  • CenCore Logistics a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) which provides innovative logistics support and information technologies services, focused on optimizing the productivity, efficiency, and operational readiness of customers and strategic business partners.
  • CenCore Associates – located in a historically underutilized business zone (HUBZone), CenCore Associates provides intelligence analysis support to include the collection, collation, analysis, production and dissemination of intelligence data.

Intelligence Analysis & SMEs

CenCore supports USG customers with targeting/ actionable intelligence support, deployed all-source intelligence support, and open source collection and analysis. Actively supporting the find, fix and finish mission, CenCore has mission support TS/SCI-cleared analysts deployed to various regions of the world, providing Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), and Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) support.

In addition to providing personnel across the intelligence spectrum, CenCore provides subject matter experts (SMEs) in counterinsurgency, insurgency networks, Islamic fundamentalism, threat finance, and foreign intelligence. The majority of CenCore’s personnel rotate in and out of contingency areas, providing their expertise to the operators who are forward deployed. CenCore has a deserved reputation for providing niche personnel with combined analytic and operational backgrounds.

CenCore also actively monitors and analyzes multiple media sources in 68 countries, with 31 countries monitored by correspondents on the ground who collect, scan and upload hardcopy periodicals, flyers and other material not available on the internet. CenCore fuses this data with other information to provide government and commercial clients with a comprehensive understanding of the regions in which they operate.

Asymmetric Warfare Support

CenCore specializes in operational preparation of the environment (OPE), enabling future operations by enhancing situational awareness and understanding within an area of interest. OPE includes target development and preliminary target engagement in over two dozen countries. In conjunction with OPE, CenCore provides irregular warfare analysis support, providing city assessments, area studies, target packages, biographical reports, and pattern trend analysis

Additionally, CenCore personnel embed with conventional units and SOF detachments enabling village stability staging/ support areas (VSSAs), village stability platforms (VSPs) and advanced operating bases (AOBs) in the operational environment. They assist in establishing white space around rural villages and enable local and district governments through battlefield circulations and shuras.


Sample Analysis

  • Middle East

    Syria’s Civil War: Security and stability concerns

  • North Africa

    With newly-elected Islamist President, questions arise concerning Egyptian-Israeli peace

  • Trans-Sahara

    Fuel to Boko Haram’s Fire: Nigeria’s Brutal Crackdown

  • Southwest Asia

    Conflicting narratives regarding the future of international forces in Afghanistan