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within Intelligence Analysis in Tampa, FL 33611

Position Summary

CenCore, LLC is seeking qualified Intelligence Analysts in support of US Central Command and the Vendor Vetting Reachback Cell (VVRC) in Tampa, FL. The analyst will function as part of an intelligence analytical team providing vendor vetting support to deployed forces and other government agencies. The VRC vets non-US vendors to help identify and prevent insurgents, terrorists, militias, foreign intelligence and security services (FISS) and criminal organizations from using contracting proceeds to fund their operations and gain access to US and Coalition equipment, facilities and personnel.


Compile target folders; conduct analysis of source reliability and veracity as reflected in reporting of non-U.S. vendors in support of the vetting process; populate and maintain Share Point-like databases, compatible with systems specific to collection and analytical activities that directly support the vetting of non-US vendors; performs all source analysis and applies knowledge of foreign military/insurgent systems; terrorist organization TTPs, political, economic, and cultural conditions; military/insurgent planning and decision-making factors, and combat operations; conducts systematic studies which include problem exploration and definition, planning of approach and sequence of steps, execution of studies, interpretation of findings, and documentation and reporting of findings; identifies data sources which could yield functional or geographical area being assessed.

Where intelligence gaps exist, the analyst works with the USCENTCOM J2 collection requirements manager to define and implementcollection strategies to collect information to bridge these gaps. For situations where the collection disciplines do not yield the required data, the analyst can develop analytical tools such as methodologies, heuristic models, and simulations to bridge information gaps.


  • TS/SCI security clearance
  • Bachelors degree or higher
  • Minimum of four (4) years of directly applicable experience
  • Have experience in CT, CI, Southwest Asia regional issues, HUMINT, or political/military analyses, MiddleEast/Swa cultural awareness and political/social environments.
  • Be familiar with Tripwire software and Analyst Notebook.
  • Must be proficient in utilizing basic computer applications and intelligence related automation to support analytical efforts and product development.
  • Possess strong research and writing skills and be capable of effectively operating as a member of a strategic level analytical team in the accomplishment of intelligence products and assessments.
  • Must be able to convert raw intelligence data into a synthesized information package and develop actionable intelligence via analysis, resulting in a body of evidence and conclusion drawn from, or furnished in response to, the known or perceived requirements of the AOR customers.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of products resulting from the collection, collation, evaluation, analysis, integration, and interpretation of all collected information.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and ability to derive information that is often concealed or not intended to be available for use by the acquirer; and is the product of cyclical and methodical analytical processes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and skills using the processes, functions, activities and organizations that are involved in the planning, gathering, and analyzing information of potential value to decision- makers and to the production of intelligence as defined above.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of what foreign intelligence is and how it fits into the intelligence cycle, and is the product resulting from collection, evaluation, analysis, integration, and interpretation of intelligence information about a foreign entity that is significant to the national security, foreign relations, or economic interests of the United States, provided by a government agency that is assigned an intelligence mission (i.e., an intelligence agency).
  • Must have a knowledge of how information relating to the capabilities, intentions, and activities of foreign entities, organizations, or persons is gathered via human intelligence and other intelligence disciplines; and that information relating to the ability of the United States to protect itself against actual or potential attack by, or other hostile acts of, a foreign power or its agents, or against the activities of foreign intelligence services is deemed critical to US intelligence community (IC) members.
  • Have knowledge of what an intelligence gap is and how it fits within the collection management process.

CenCore, LLC is an equal opportunity employer and offers a professional work environment designed to enhance your personal career growth.

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